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Originally Posted by William Gaatjes View Post
I do not think it is extinct. It is very much alive.
Life is never that easy to kill. I am sure variants of the polio virus still exist in some remote area.

What do you mean by this ? Can you clarify, please ?
This that you mention reminds me of SV40.

By your perspective people would either be sick forever or never sick.
It is a lot more complicated then that.
You are always technically sick. You have virus loads right now. The difference is do they overwhelm you or not ? for instance most adults today carry chicken pox. The varserillas virus. It is however inactive even though it is always there.

So how does that work again ?

there are several strains of Polio. Only one of which is paralitic and the other strains pose no more symptoms then the flu with one strain cuasing severe to mild respritory distress.

which one is extinict.

Originally Posted by William Gaatjes View Post
For example, a lot of "harmless" viruses are transmitted by intimate contact.
From that perspective, the best practice would be to avoid viruses transmitted through intimate contact, is to find one partner and stay with that partner for life, not even kissing. With such discipline a lot of viruses and their effects would be eradicated from a large part of humanity, but accidents will always happen. However, can you ask people such a way of life ? Even through the use of religion, people cannot be forced and will find a way and a scapegoat. People have to decide for themselves what is best.
a well practiced immune system is a healthy body. My family survived the great plague, only family in the village. Virus's are not fundementaly a bad thing. They can and do cuase positive mutation "as well as negative mutations" and also serve the pupose of trimming the herd for healthier more capable producing stock.

We are just fancy animals after all.

Originally Posted by William Gaatjes View Post
Another example is that some pathogens have novel ways to prevent alarming the human immune system. The phrase "You do not care about what you do not know." works very well for the immune system.

not really. we might be poisoning ourselves.
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