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Originally Posted by Kaido View Post
Yeah, I've heard that Premier CS5 is actually a viable option now. Glad to hear it has CUDA support - I wish more apps would use CUDA and OpenCL! I can't wait to get into AE CS5, I just upgraded - everything launches a lot faster on my machine, which is really great.
it really says a lot for adobe that they have put out a fairly useful and powerful version of premiere. with the newest patch, the gtx 285 has improved cuda support, and it shows, i am very impressed.
if i didn't have to use mc or fcp i would sell them and invest in more hardware and just use production premium (maybe)
i have only had one crash in premiere, and it was during export. i tried to change the format from quicktime and it froze and quit responding. i don't know if it was just a fluke, but besides that it's been much more stable and useful.
i haven't got to try AE yet, but will get to this weekend.
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