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To bypass the downloader program, search the mektek folder for .torrent file after you make a attempt to download first (otherwise the torrent file will not be there).

Now open the .torrent file with say uTorrent. I went from 5kbs to 1mbs.

When finished open the downloaded .mkt (or something like that) file with the mektek downloader program (in the Files menu iirc). It will start processing the file and whne done nothing will happen.

You then select "Install" the same as you would have when you first went to download MW4 mech pack. If nothing happens, select the "html download" option in the options menu and it should work. You may have to restart the mektek downloader at some point.

When it is actually installing, there will be three green (iirc) bars at the bottom of the mektek program showing the progress of the install.

I do not have my gaming laptop with me atm so I can not look over it in detail, so maybe someone who gets this to work can post shorter instructions.
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