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Default Is your processor Running slower than you think it should be ? Or at a different multiplier than it should be ?

Originally posted by: Ipreferspam
A friend of mine just recently purchased an E8500 and an EVGA 780i motherboard. He had to enable a setting in his BIOS to enable the 9.5 multiplier of his CPU. Before he made the setting change, it was using 9.0 and when he tried to overclock his options were only the integer multiplier values.
Yep same thing happened to me. It's a fine ratio thingy mabob you can either set it to +0.0 or +0.5. If you set it to +0.0 then when you set the multiplier to 9 it will be calculated as a 9 multiplier. But if you set it to +0.5 then when you set the mutliplier to 9 it will be calculated as a 9.5 multiplier.

I'm currently having problems with my PC. I have my E8500 running at 4085MHz and RAM running at 1032MHz (For same reason I can't get it stable above those pseeds no matter the settings) and I can run Prime95, Orthos for hours on end and get stable on OCCT for 2 hours yet when I take my PC out of hybernation my PC would normally get BSOD, or it would freeze, or it will work for a short time then get BSOD or freeze.

I looked up the BBCode and they all seem to be memory related BSODs. I did some research and it seems my motherboard (Gigabyte GA EP45-DS3P) is really picky with the RAM you use. I have C1E, EIST, Virtualisation, and all those power saving features etc disabled.

But I don't think it's my RAM thats the cause as I can run memtest for hours on end, Prime95, Orthos and OCCT blend test with no errors. Would anyone have an explanation? I really like putting my PC into hybernation/sleep when I go to bed and just pressing the mouse button or keyboard button so I'm instantly back in windows without the boring waiting times of booting up the PC.
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