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Default Is your processor Running slower than you think it should be ? Or at a different multiplier than it should be ?

Originally posted by: sspl01
Is your processor Running slower than you.I just reinstalled the 32-bit version of Ubuntu Dapper because a lot of programs that I need aren't available for 64-bit. I tried to search for 'athcool' in Synaptic again but I still didn't find anything.I just tried to find 'athcool' with Synaptic on my new 64-bit Ubuntu Dapper to uninstall it, but I couldn't find it. Is there another program on the 64-bit version of Dapper that is doing the same thing as 'athcool' is doing on the 32-bit version?


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I don't think this is a CPU question, sounds like you would get a better answer in *inux forum.
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