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Default ...> NOTICE <... PC builders, when asking for input on YOUR projects Please Tell us...

Originally posted by: aigomorla
Originally posted by: Blain
Originally posted by: crimson117
I think Dream Rigs threads are fun.

As long as the poster mentions the parts-picking is just for fun, or just for a dream rig, I don't have any problem. Nor do I think it mucks up the forums.
You don't think there's any "mucking up" going on when they constitute 1/3 of the total threads in a forum?
mucking up?

okey i the parts i recomend to people who ask overclocking in there objectives are solid overclockers.

Its not my fault if the nicer stuff have more stability behind it. I dont think a computer is something cheap you slap together. If it was you'd buy a Dell.

Now when a person asks for a custom advice, and i see the words overclocking. I try to piece out the most stable parts i have had contact with. Sometimes those parts maybe a little bit pricey, but there known stability.

Why do you think people spend more money on server parts then desktop parts? The stability behind them means a lot.

So my recient recomendations for high end computers which usually involves a DQ6, Crucial ram, and a big psu. Thats the generic combo i use on my rigs when stability matters.

If you guys never folded or WCG'd b4, i recomend you try it out for a month and see how long your parts last. As for me, my combinations are all solid and can hold folding or WCG for months without a hic up.

Lastly, i think the corsair psu is a great psu. A lot of people have been flaming me because i recomend the Antec Quattro 850. They say its overkill and what not. But, if you read the reviews on the 850, the stability thoughout the rails was enough for jonnyguru to even be suprised. This was the main sell point on the psu for me.

Its not to overpower my rig, but its ment for rock solid stability at overclock settings.

So if a person has the budget, and they want to spend a bit more for stability as insurence, whats wrong with that?
What in the world does your reply have to do with the issue quoted? :shocked:

Yes, you'll lose your job.
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