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Default PSA: Don?t buy speakers out of a White Van / other vehicle

Originally posted by: iRONic
Aight... my buddy from Tenn. just called me up to tell me about a "hella deal" he got outside the UPS store in Chatanooga. Yup, a dude in a white van full of "kickass speakers" offered him this for $800. Bill[my buddy] said he wasn't really looking for any speakers but he saw this "HT setup." The scumbag in the van offered it to him for $325 and Bill bought it. Bah!

I brought him to this thread and he read all of YoYo's links. He's not thrilled with himself for falling for the scam. He did get the van's lisence plate number though, a Georgia tag, AGK-7515.

Anybody think he has any chance or way to get his cash back?
Nothing you can do as far as reporting it really afaik.

From the other ATOT thread:

Originally posted by: tranceport
I called the police who sent 2 cops to my house. I showed them all of the documentation and picture of the van. They laughed at me and said there was nothing they could do. I showed them on the internet where it was a scam. They laughed and told me have a nice day....
Since people do this willingly, there's not a whole lot you can do
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