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Default PSA: Don?t buy speakers out of a White Van / other vehicle

Originally posted by: darkswordsman17
Originally posted by: YOyoYOhowsDAjello

Update: Sending a couple messages back and forth, it seems like the guy doesn't know what he has and will probably change when he gets more info (from me)

Update#2: He ended it after finding out what they were.
Its great that he's not being an ass or anything. I kinda feel sorry for him.

I take it you're helping him find some real speakers worth owning? Hope he didn't get taken for too much money.
I feel bad for him too. I thought about asking how much he paid, but I didn't want to make him feel worse.

I have him a couple links and let him know AVSforum or even here would be a good place to get advice if he wants to buy something else eventually.
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