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Default PSA: Don't buy speakers out of a White Van / other vehicle

02-09-2010 update:
I'm just going to go ahead an sticky this, since I know one member who wouldn't have gotten fooled had I stickied this before.

Now that we actually have an audio area, I thought I'd make a thread for it. If I can prevent one person from buying "White Van" speakers, I'll be happy.

This is a widespread scam that basically consists of some guys approaching you with what seems like an incredible deal on speakers. Often they will say that there was a mistake in the order made for someone else and rather than getting rid of them some other way, they'll let you buy them for a fraction of their original value.

Sometimes the guys doing this will even have magazines or other material that attest the the quality of the speakers they are selling.

There are also a lot of these being sold on ebay as well. Some will set up websites with incredibly inflated MSRP prices and then sell through ebay so people think they are getting a deal.

Craigslist is full of these products as well (either from actual scammers or from people who bought them from the scammers). Those victims might have been thinking they'd make a quick buck turning them around on craigslist... or they might have figured out that they actually bought some junk and now they're just trying to get rid of it.

A couple examples of these brands:

I decided to make this thread when I saw what appears to be a genesis media labs system being sold as an Axiom Audio Epic 80 system. What a sad day
(old link doesn't work)

Real Axiom Epic 80 systems:

Anyway... don't buy speakers out of a van, and if you want a second opinion on something or a recommendation for some quality speaker options at a certain pricepoint, I'd be happy to give you some info or point you in the right direction (which is away from White Vans)

More info:

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