View Full Version : ASUS P4T533-C jumper settings?

09-20-2002, 01:53 PM
Do I need to change the jumpers on the mobo or is just changing the settings in the BIOS good enough? For example, there's a jumper for disabling the onboard audio. Do I need to change this jumper or is disabling onboard audio in the BIOS good enough? There's other jumpers that have BIOS options and I'm not sure how to proceed?

The jumper free jumper only refers to processor settings and I'm not sure if this applies to all jumper settings.

Also, regarding the Speaker Selector (3 pin SPEECH) jumper. The default setting sends the ASUS POST Reporter function to the Line-out jack (lime color) on the mobo. If I'm not going to use the onboard audio, do I have to switch this jumper to Buzzer so that it will use my case speaker or will the POST Reporter automatically work with my add-in PCI sound card? Also, the Buzzer does refer to the speaker built into the case correct?

Thanks for any help!

09-20-2002, 03:47 PM
You do not need to change the jumpers on the mobo. Just disable audio in the bios. Regarding the Post reporter, if you connect the 4 pin speaker connection from your case to the mobo, the case speaker should report any post errors.