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My son has a Tracfone that is hardly ever used. We bought it for him when he goes on field trips with his school or an afterschool activity. I fail to see the need why a kid needs a cell phone to yap or text message all day. You'd think it was a matter of national fucking security they way they pound on those keys all day. When I was kid I never needed one but then there were payphones all over the place when I was kid. So this phone is for emergency use only.

Well it had been sometime since we used it so I went online and bought $20's worth of airtime. When I went to enter the SIM number it came back with I needed to call the company. This is after enter my credit card info 3 different times. Thier website is a bitch to navigate thru. I felt like a fucking mouse trying to find the damn cheese.

So I called the company and I have to listen to a half a fucking hour of bullshit choices before I can talk to a person. Then when I get a person the only fucking thing I understand is "Charlie". Any way seems the phone has not been used in so long that they need to send me another SIM card. I do not want another SIM card, I need the phone now not four days from now. So I ask for a refund. Then I ask "Charlie" where the call center is located at. The only thing I understand the whole time he was babbling is "Ghana". WTF I ask myself I thought all the people in Africa were to busy dieing from aids, over throwing the lastest coup or too weak from hunger to answer their fucking phones. Hell I was surprised they had phones. Tracfone listen to me, just because you slap the name "Charlie" on someone ignorant foriegn fuck named Obole and hand him a phone does not make him a customer service rep. So I hang up.

I call back and wait the half a fucking hour again. This time I did a little better....... I understood "Hello", "Cristina" and "help". I asked where the call center is and all I understood this time was "Belize". I thought well "Understanding ever fourth word is not bad and they are in a located in place who's name ends in America" So I go thru the whole thing again. By time I was throwing in "Useless piece of shit company" "What the fuck did you say?" "I am so pissed I wish I could pull your useless CEO thru phone and beat the everloving shit out him." After another 20 minute wait I am transferd to the return department. "Tony" answered the call or least I think his name was Tony. Fuck it, it could have been "Pony" or "Pony Boy". Great I thought to myself I am talking to Miguel who thinks he is some misunderstood teenager from the 60's in a S.E. Hinton book. After listening for another 10 minutes of incoherent babble the only thing I understand is "No reeefund" I ask "WTF you mean no refund?". Again he starts yammerng and I interrupt and ask him to "take the shit of out his mouth." This time I understand the whole line "Sheeet Sir what sheet" Once again I told him the shit that was in his mouth. Then I get "No reeefund" again. "Fuck me running" I think to myself "How in the world do people tolerate this???? How can this company still be in business with this shit going". I then tell Miguel aka "Pony Boy" when he can say the word "we" and it does not sound like "pee" to call me back so we can talk.

So I called my bank and had the charges stopped

EDIT: So I guess my career as a comedy writer is a no go huh

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Originally posted by: Sawyer

- call centers in 3rd world countries
- what you say?
- fuck tracfone

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buy a new prepaid mobile?

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Did you tell the kids to get off your lawn?

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Being an asshole to CS people is stupid. You think they like listening to customers bitch all day?

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LOL for whatever reason I thought this post was hilarious.

Shadow Conception
09-26-2008, 06:35 PM
My dad got me an LG 225 and a 400-minute ($100) prepaid card with TracFone roughly eleven months ago. The phone came with double minutes, meaning the 400 minutes were instantly upped to 800 minutes. It serves the purpose. I'm down to about a hundred units now, out of 800. In Bangladesh, my grandma bought me a new phone (Nokia XpressMusic 5310), so I'll be using that with T-Mobile Pay As You Go after this TracFone expires since my parents refuse to pay for a contract phone.

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Originally posted by: tyler811
Again he starts yammerng and I interrupt and ask him to "take the shit of out his mouth." This time I understand the whole line "Sheeet Sir what sheet"

I literally blew spit on my monitor

The Sauce
09-26-2008, 06:55 PM

- Really angry dude call tracfone
- Gets a foreigner
- decides that all Africans have aids
- really angry dude does a lot of swearing and degrades everyone he talks to
- can't figure out why he can't get help
- decides Tracfone sucks
- doesn't realize that he is just a jerk and people don't like to help jerks.

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Tracfone, like all of the pay as you go services have a monthly time limit in which the airtime must be used. If the airtime is not used up or more airtime added before the time limit(30, 90, up to 365 days) is reached then the SIM card will expire and become deactivated. Once deactivated it cannot be reused, so a new SIM card is required. The quickest thing to do if a phone is needed immediately would be to buy a new pay as you go phone.

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Get a real cell phone company, quit being such a cheap ass

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Originally posted by: chrisg22
LOL for whatever reason I thought this post was hilarious.

this ... sort of

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Racism FTL.

Also stupid people who don't understand the terms and conditions of their products FTL.

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Frank Rizzo calls Tracfone customer support

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Originally posted by: mjuszczak
Originally posted by: chrisg22
LOL for whatever reason I thought this post was hilarious.

this ... sort of

Same here. I had a call this afternoon from someone who, accentwise, seemed to be calling from India and whose only words I understood were "Steve" and "hydrocodone".