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http://www.c-n.com/apps/pbcs.d...icle?AID=2007711300313 (http://www.c-n.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2007711300313)

Ex-coach's sexual assault trial under way
Pamela Balogh's attorney admits relationship with Immaculata student.


The main questions for the jury to decide in the sexual assault trial of Pamela Balogh, the former girls basketball and girls lacrosse coach at Immaculata High School in Somerville, are the details of a relationship between Balogh and a student she coached at the school.

James Wronko, Balogh's attorney, said in his opening remarks to the jury Thursday that Balogh does not deny there was a relationship between her and the student.

"I will predict you will find her guilty of something," Wronko said.

But Wronko said the jury's task is to determine what happened in the relationship before Balogh resigned in September 2005 to take a job at North Hunterdon High School in Clinton Township, and what happened before the student turned 16, the age of consent in New Jersey, in February 2005.

Under state law, the penalities are more severe if those convicted of sexual assault are in a supervisory or disciplinary role and if the victim is younger than 16.

Those facts will have a great bearing on the outcome of the case, Wronko said, emphasing there is a difference between what is immoral and what is illegal.

"We're not here to debate morality," Wronko said. "We don't have a state-sponsored morality squad."

The trial will continue Monday afternoon before Superior Court Judge Edward M. Coleman in Somerville.

In her opening remarks to the jury, Assistant Prosecutor Laurie Head-Melillo said the student was "consumed in athletics" and entered Immaculata in September 2003 because she wanted to play on a team coached by Balogh, who was "a golden lady" placed "on a pedestal" by the Immaculata community.

The student and Balogh, who also taught health at the school, had minimal contact until the student made the girls lacrosse team in the spring of her freshman year, Head-Melillo said.

During the lacrosse season, the student suffered an injury, and Balogh called her at home. That was the beginning of numerous phone calls Balogh, who now lives in Bethlehem, Pa., made to the student, Head-Melillo said.

At first, the conversations were about the student's health, then progressed into more general conversation, the prosecutor said.

In the fall of the student's sophomore year, contact between her and Balogh increased because Balogh was monitoring the student's study hall. Then, Head-Melillo said, Balogh began giving the student small gifts, such as memorabilia and inspirational items.

Late that fall, the student, then 15, made the school's varsity basketball team and the contact between the two "increased dramatically," Head-Melillo said. Balogh began calling the student on her cell phone "at all hours" and gave her more gifts.

On Dec. 9, 2004, the student received a cell-phone call from Balogh, who said, "I love you," the prosecutor said. Balogh also told the student not to tell anyone about their relationship, Head-Melillo said.

A week later, Balogh took the student out to get something to eat before practice. Stopped at a traffic light, Balogh, 37 at the time, leaned over and kissed the student and put her hand in the student's vaginal area, the prosecutor said.

"That was the beginning of many car rides before practice," Head-Melillo said.

The sexual activity also occurred at Balogh's office at the school and continued after the student turned 16 in February 2005, the prosecutor said.

In August 2005, the student and a friend were fooling around and exchanged cell phones. The friend read a text message, "sweet dreams," that Balogh had sent to the student, Head-Melillo said.

The friend then contacted a guidance counselor at the school and told her about the text message. The guidance counselor then told Immaculata's principal, who informed the student's parents.

The student's mother then reviewed her daughter's cell-phone bills and found the phone calls from Balogh. The mother also found a paper bag in her daughter's closet with all of Balogh's gifts.

That prompted a meeting between the parents and officials at the school. Shortly thereafter, Balogh resigned and took the job at North Hunterdon.

The student was referred to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office, but her parents did not want to pursue the investigation, prosecutor's office Detective Sofia DeBrito testified.

At this point, the student became "confused and isolated" because of rumours at school about the relationship.

"She's upset," Head-Melillo said, adding that the student called Balogh because she "has become a friend."

Balogh tried to "re-establish" herself in the student's life and even showed up at an Immaculata basketball practice, the prosecutor said.

Then, in February 2006, the student received a phone call from Balogh on her birthday. The call turned "nasty and mean" when the conversation turned to the boy at school the student was dating, the prosecutor said.

"That phone call was the catalyst for her (the student) to distance herself from Balogh," Head-Mellilo said.

In December 2006, the student became anxious as the Immaculata-North Hunterdon girls basketball game approached, Head-Mellilo said. When Balogh did not show up at the game, that "set off an emotional roller coaster" for the student, who sent an "angry" e-mail to Balogh and demanded an apology.

A week later, the student and her parents went to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office and, shortly thereafter, Balogh was arrested.

In a videotape of an interview with prosecutor's office detectives shown to the jurors, Balogh became tearful when discussing the relationship with the student and expressed remorse.

"I hate myself for what happened," Balogh told the detectives. "I'm sorry for what I did."

Balogh said the two had a lot in common and talked "about everything."

"I don't know how it happened. It just happened," she told the detectives.

Even when Balogh tried to push the student away, "she always came back," Balogh said on the tape.

"I wanted her to move on with her life," Balogh told the detectives. "She didn't want it to end. She waited for one last kiss."

"I didn't want to hurt her," Balogh said.

Balogh also indicated she was aware of how serious the allegations were.

"I'm going to lose my job," she said. "I'm going to lose everything."

Balogh rejected a plea offer in July from the Somerset County Prosecutor's Officethat would have landed her in state prison for up to eight years.

Under Balogh's guidance, Immaculata reached the Somerset County Tournament final seven consecutive seasons, including five straight championships from 1998 to 2002.

Overall, the Spartans appeared in the county finals 10 times during Balogh's 12 seasons, winning seven times.

Balogh is a graduate of North Hunterdon High School and was a member of the North Hunterdon High School girls basketball team that won 83 consecutive games and three consecutive Group III titles. She went on to have a successful career with the Temple University women's basketball team.


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I HATE when that happens to me.

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Originally posted by: legoman666
The only question that matters is; "Is she hot?" and after clicking the link to the article, i can safely say, no.

This man speaks the truth

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Originally posted by: Pepsei
ACTUAL lesbian sex is not the same as the porn we watch. i've met a lot of lesbians living in the lesbian capital of southeast... and most of them are warpigs
Gee thats funny, cuz I knew many lesbians in Florida (the lesbian capital of the southeast) and most of them were :Q

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